Website Design

Christmas Cheer

Problem: Site was not user-friendly or easy to navigate

Solution: Update UX and UI (user experience and user interface)

Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer is a non-profit organization that helps families at Christmas in Barrie, Innisfil and Angus. Families in need receive a box of food for Christmas dinner, including a turkey or ham, as well as a bag of gifts for each child (or gift cards for the older youth).

Their website needed to be easy to navigate, as well as easy to edit. During the busy holiday season, the website needed to be updated almost daily, so it had to be simple.

Their current website was functional, but was very difficult to edit without knowing a pile of coding and web dev skills.

Using their current text content, Burke Solutions was able to quickly develop a wordpress site that had updated imagery more in-line with their branding, a user-friendly site that was easy to navigate, and best of all, a site that was easy to edit and easily update.