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Favourite Business Tools

I only endorse things that I’ve personally used and that I absolutely love.
If you grab anything using one of my referral links, I may get a small commission.
However, there’s no additional cost to you.

Constant Contact

This is my favourite platform for sending emails to lists of clients, leads and more. Their builder is so user-friendly, and it integrates with so many other programs and platforms too!

Shopify and E-commerce

For online stores, Shopify is HANDS-DOWN the best way to set up on online store.

As a Shopify Partner, I can create a development store that only goes live when you’re ready. Bonus – you don’t start the Shopify subscription until it’s LIVE!

Reasons to work with a Shopify partner: streamline your customer’s experience, and maximize sales. Ensure that your business has all the skills it needs to power its e-commerce environment.

Trello Organizer

If you are a visual organizer (LIKE ME!!) You are going to love Trello. Make your lists, drag and drop, add links and images and more.